Transnet Logistics

Full Service Logistics & Transportation

Transnet, Inc. offers a full range of services to meet the logistics and transportation needs of our clients. Whether it’s transportation by truck, airfreight, rail/intermodal, ocean freight, or a combination of methods, Transnet offers solutions that are on time and on budget. Transnet also provides a wide variety of distribution and warehousing solutions, from short-term storage to custom warehousing. Additionally, we provide personalized track and tracing services so our customers are always kept informed. When a need falls outside the norm, we work to find a specialized solution that works, no matter how complex.


Whatever mode or speed business requires, Transnet, Inc. offers high quality, great prices, and rapid transit times. Do you need to move something by ground? Transnet offers both full and partial truckloads, as well as rail and intermodal services. By air? Transnet can coordinate an airfreight solution to get it there promptly. Maritime services are also available for overseas shipments. In all of these cases, Transnet, Inc. can provide full service transportation of goods alongside accurate track and tracing technology, so you’ll always know where your shipments are en route.

At Transnet, Inc., we strive to provide solutions that are always cost-effective, always on time, and never one-size-fits-all. Whether your business needs simple or complex logistics solutions, contact us today to learn about our available customization options. Our transportation services include:

・ Full Truck Load
・ Less Than Truck Load
・ Air Freight
・ Rail & Intermodal
・ Maritime Services
・ Specialized Transportation

Warehousing & Distribution

We know that our customers’ storage and distribution needs are diverse, and our warehousing facility is at the ready to meet those needs. It is important to move goods across vendors, suppliers, and recipients in a timely and effective manner – no matter the size, scale, or level of complexity. By working with each client individually to strategize and streamline their processes, we are able to identify and execute solutions that save precious time and resources.

Transnet, Inc. offers the following customizable distribution and warehousing options:

・ Short & Long-Term Storage
・ Crating & Packaging
・ Reverse Logistics
・ Inventory Control
・ Customized Warehouses for Commodity Requirements

Customs Services

At Transnet, Inc., we pride ourselves on thinking innovatively but never breaking the rules. Our customs services are second to none in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry. We work carefully to ensure that all shipments, no matter their scope, size, or mode of transport, fully comply with domestic and international laws and regulations. Every day, we strive to provide reliable and trustworthy service to our clients and consistently exceed their needs and expectations.

We are committed to an impeccable compliance record. To ensure a smooth and lawful customs process, Transnet, Inc. offers our customers the following:

・ Access to Licensed U.S. Customs Brokers
・ Mexican Customs Brokers
・ Mexican Import Register

Customized Solutions

No two shipments are the same, and our services are flexible to meet the diverse needs of our client population. Since 1999, Transnet, Inc. has adapted to the constantly-evolving needs of our customers, providing unparalleled service at competitive prices. No challenge is too great for our expert team. Our services are all-encompassing, from partial truckloads to major aircraft shipments, and more.

Transnet is experienced in handling custom logistics and transportation projects from the simple to the complex. Whatever the need, we are committed to ensuring that each project is completed on time, on budget, and on spec.

Customized services offered by Transnet, Inc. include:

・ Heavy Equipment Transport
・ Refrigerated Transport
・ Bulk Transport
・ Air Charter
・ Door to Door
・ Expedited Services